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Create press releases that standout!

We like to be a little different and try to stand out among the crowd.  The reason to send out press emails is to build brand awareness with press, buyers and consumers.  Therefore the objective is to generate press potentials and sales potentials. 

So, when sending out press emails or press releases, we tend to do the following…
1. We ask ourselves, what are the most interesting things happening for the brand in the next 4 months?  We like to space out updates, so not to bombard our followers and press contacts.  The last thing that you want is to be considered annoying!

2. Once we have an idea of the “high impact” things to talk about, we consider the imagery that can be used within our press release or press email.  In our opinion, the imagery is as important as the message we communicate!  Strong imagery will grab the person’s attention and may increase their interest to read the message.

3.  Now we draft the copy of the press release, usually referencing the imagery used.  Therefore, we include the brand’s designs in an interesting setting.  For example, maybe you have a fashion show at London’s Tower Bridge, which is a big event.  To maximise the brand awareness, you could have the designer wear a new design as the debut of the product.  So when writing the copy, you have high impact things to say about the fashion show at a world famous venue and the debut of a specific design.  It will be interesting to see how the press and buyers react to the email that you send out!

Technical bits to consider when creating the press release…

1. Try to get interesting and fantastic pictures before, during and after the event.

2. Decide which pictures are the strongest! Go for quality and remember most of the time, less is better!

3. Make sure pictures are high resolution.

4. Write the copy in MS Word.

5. Use Photo Shop and Illustrator to create the layout of the press release, and then copy and paste the content from Word into this layout and save in both JPEG and PDF format.
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