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Helpful hints for tracking press coverage

We tend to use MyPressConnection (MPC) to track press coverage.  However, you can track coverage using a system like MPC or other software like Excel spreadsheets.  Here are some ways to do so…

Blogs and online magazines: First step, conduct Google searches for the name of the brand and key words that relate to the campaign that you executed to generate press coverage.  Secondly, if you cannot find the coverage, then send an email or call to ask if they need further information.  Always try to make sure there is a back link to your brand’s website.
Glossy magazines:  First step, when your samples come back from a photo shoot, call to ask how shoot went.  Also ask if they need any further information.  They may tell you that they are editing pictures or planning the layout, etc.  They may also let you know that if credits are needed from the brand, you will be contacted in the next couple of weeks.  Try to confirm which issue the shoot is for and mark it in your “Marketing Calendar” just in case you do not hear from them.  And of course, check the issue when it is out!

Continue to build rapport and a good relationship with interns, writers, photographers, freelance stylists and editors.  Do not be pushy or get angry if not published.  There are many reasons why press contacts are unable to use all samples that are called in, such as not enough space, colour or design did not fit theme, etc.  Being featured in magazines takes time and dedication.   You need to build brand awareness and lasting relationships.  It is also about numbers, the more you are called in, the higher the likelihood of being published.  In summary, you need to continue to be called in for photo shoots!

Trade magazines:  Continue to call to find out about photo shoots before trade events.  Continue to check their websites for press coverage after your campaigns.
Stylist: Follow-up with stylist that have called in samples to find out how photo shoot went.  Ask when they think the issue will be out or published online.

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