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Preparing for an interview with TV or radio

We work in such a visual industry!  Video interviews can be a powerful marketing tool to reach a wide audience of consumers, press and buyers.  Being interviewed by a TV channel or radio can significantly help build strong brand awareness.  It is important to prepare before your interview!
Below are questions and statements to consider when preparing for an interview.
Your name and brand name?

When and who started the brand?

What is the DNA of your brand?

What inspired you to start your brand?
What age range are your designs targeting? Why?

Pick 4 styles that you would like to talk through. Include: style name, colour, inspiration, fit, quality, type of fabrics used, trims, retail price, any celebrities wearing, where and when can buy, which season, etc.

Which is your favourite style?

Think about wearing a style (if possible).
Do you have any pictures or video from fashion shows or events that can be included in the video interview?

Not all of the information above will be used during the interview, but this should help you prepare.  Also, it is a good idea to write down your answers and then review several times before interview.  Remember, do not read from your notes because you do not want to sound like a robot!


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